The word “Rebirth” best describes the idea of our new project.

Which is how the name for our project took life, Naïs (which translates to Born in French) encompasses our desire to start living again by taking back the night.
Think of the post-prohibition period in the USA, everyone wanted to celebrate their newfound freedom. Our post-lockdown period has much the same feel, and we decided to open a new place to hit the ground running and celebrate this new beginning after all the hardships.

Over 20 years of business experience both in Rome and abroad have come together to create a revolutionary, anarchist, and enlightened cocktail bar, Naïs.
Every detail -from the ambiance to the drink list, from when you arrive to the variety of events we plan and the music selection- tells our story free from preconceptions, prejudices and open to progress, in line with the principles of the French Enlightenment era.


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What makes a drink an exceptional drink?

Knowing how to artfully find the right mix of ice, citruses, acidic counterparts and alcohol.
The concept is simplicity, then we add our experience and passion.
The extensive drink list at Naïs has everything: the old classics, a large selection of Gin- so you can personalize your perfect Gin and Tonic – as well as an impressive array of new signature cocktails inspired by the most notable figures from the French Enlightenment period.
You can also request a personalized cocktail, just for you! See it to believe it!


A relaxing, friendly, and comfortable environment where you will always feel at ease.

Naïs wants to be your home away from home, a welcoming place where prejudices are left at the door and you won’t ever want to leave.

A bohemian and intimate space where you can take a break and unwind from the every day chaotic lifestyle with excellent cocktails and company.

NAIS Location


Our search for the right location that mirrored our philosophy led us to the heart of Rione Monti, which is the oldest neighborhood in Rome with a history of French influences- the ideal place to start our revolution!
Aux armes, citoyens!


Naïs cocktails & co.
Via Clementina, 9, 00184 Roma



Ph. +39 340 2534034

Email: hello@nais.com

NAIS Cocktail & Co. Dove Siamo | Rione Monti Roma